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 Board Rules

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PostSubject: Board Rules   Board Rules Icon_minitimeFri Mar 18, 2011 1:31 pm

* All General Forum Rules apply here
* Any site can stay here, as long as your site's advertising rates are able to pay for the click rate
* No referral links
* No duplicate topics, only 1 thread per site!
* Software or Scripts used should be legal
* Sites will be moved to suspect if there is something that shows us that they may scam

~ Sites using warez, nulled or stolen scripts will be moved to suspect ~

If your site contains adult content you MUST state this in your thread and title.

Buxhost sites will be in suspect for 3 months of opening , at which time if the site has made the 3 month period It will be moved to New and Pending.. It will then sat there for another 3 months before it can be moved to Stable

See Stable Website Board for Criteria
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Board Rules
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