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 How To Post An Image Proof? - READ

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How To Post An Image Proof? - READ Empty
PostSubject: How To Post An Image Proof? - READ   How To Post An Image Proof? - READ Icon_minitimeFri Mar 18, 2011 1:26 pm

Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to create an image proof:
1 - Log in to your account at the payment processor where you received the money.

2 - Then find the transaction in the activity box and click the link for more details.
3 - After the page loads, try to put the details on the center of the screen and then hit "Print Screen"

4 - Open MS Paint

5 - Hit "ctrl" + "v"

6 - Erase transaction ID and save your image

7 - Upload it to a image host, for example, TinyPic or ImageVenue or Host Pic

8 - Copy the link to your image and put it in your post like this:

[img]YOUR LINK HERE[/img]
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How To Post An Image Proof? - READ
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