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 Board Rules

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PostSubject: Board Rules   Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:39 pm

* All General Forum Rules apply here
* No referral links
* No duplicate topics
* The site must be paying and stable.

Time for Up-dates as the Ptc/Gpt world gets more complicated and protection of our members seem warranted

Aurora Sites:
Site Must Be Online For At least 1 Month And Paying.

Bux Sites:
Site Must Be Online For At least 3 Months And Paying.

BuxHost/ Gen3Host/ Gen4Host/ Shift Code Sites:
Site Must Be Online For At least 3 Months And Paying ( stays in suspect for this time ) Then Go To New And Pending Websites Section. At which time It Will Stay For Further 3 Months And Paying, Then It Will Be Move To Stable Section (After 6 months Of Online And Paying). This will not be done automatically, It will be up to the Owner of the Site to get in Touch with the Staff member who is looking after this area ..
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Board Rules
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